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Private/Semi Private Yoga Classes

Experience yoga at the comfort of your own home, work space or just anywhere out in the open. It’s all about you and your needs.
Vesela will safely guide you through a yoga practice of your choice. She is trained in traditional Hatha, sweaty power and core flows, creative vinyasa flows, relaxing restorative, deep yin, certified in prenatal yoga, yoga nidra, guided meditations and breath work.
Vesela will provide hands on assists and adjustments to ensure proper and safe alignment. Per your request, Vesela will develop a specific program to help you create a strong foundation while progressing towards your individualized goals. She has experience in working with scoliosis and other spinal deformations, diabetes, hip and knee replacements, shoulder injuries, vertebral disk herniations, arthritis and other common ailments. Your private lessons will be scheduled at your convenience. Vesela will provide you with all the tools you need to continue your home practice beyond the scheduled private lessons. Sign up today!

Massage Therapy

Vesela specializes in traditional Swedish Massage. 

Some of her main focuses are therapeutic alignment, healthy spine care, myofascial release, breathing techniques, conscious movement. Her goal is to bridge her western science studies with eastern medicine concepts to create a well-balanced approach of understanding and helping her clients heal themselves. Her personalized therapy blends techniques such as deep tissue, trigger points, myofascial release, reflexology, shiatsu, sports massage and Lomi Lomi. Vesela will always work with your threshold of pain and never allow a hurtful or unpleasant experience to take place. Your comfort is insured! 

Event Wellness

Party for the soul! 

Create a mini retreat wellness event for family reunions, bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties, engagement and weddings. Why not include fun vinyasa class or juicy restorative practice on your special day. Gift a unique and unforgettable experience with personalized massage therapy and blissful yoga practice to you and your guests. 

We will deliver the best wellness  experience for your most special event! You can choose from various yoga styles, guided meditations, relaxations and of course exquisite massages. Contact us today to plan your most amazing day! 

Corporate Wellness

Increase productivity, creativity and experience happiness…at work! 

Tap into your hidden potential. Invest in health and wellness. Bring yoga to work! 

It has been scientifically proven that regular yoga practice reduces chronic pain, alleviates stress and anxiety and improves thought process. Calm mind is a productive mind. Yoga is for everyone and it can be done at the work place, even at the desk. 

We offer variety of yoga classes that can address the needs of all of your employees. We will introduce fundamentals and yoga therapeutics that will help your employees to correct their postures, breathing and help them experience relaxed state of mind. 

Establish healthy and inspiring work environment for your employees with a low cost corporate yoga wellness program. Reach out today for more details! 

Fibroids, painful menstruation, uterine prolapse, irregular cycles, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, postpartum (especially c-section recovery after 6 weeks), bladder and vaginal infections, infertility, scar tissue, menopause and more!

Pregnancy, IUD, internal infections, open sores and blisters, period time. 

V-Steam Rituals

This beautiful offering consists of 30min abdominal, low back and glute massage; and 30min guided Yoni Steam journey.

Yoni Steam is an ancient and sacred holistic remedy. It’s profound and healing ceremony for every woman and her line of descent. V-steam treatments work on physical, emotional and energetic levels. The specially made per your needs herb-infused steam, will help clear, balance and rejuvenate the entire pelvic bowl.

Some of the most magical benefits of regular v-steam practice are:

  • boost fertility
  • balance and regulate hormones
  • purification of the entire pelvic bowl
  • pain-free period
  • postpartum recovery
  • connection to creator-womb and awaken your feminine energy
  • toning uterus
  • increases blood flow and sensitivity

We will create a healing space with/for you and hold safe grounds for you to release trauma and connect with your own divinity.

Clear mind, stable emotions, reduced pain and aches, healthy metabolism, weight loss, clear skin, learn new healthy way of cooking and experience happiness in your body and mind organism.

After you register for the program, Vesela will call you for in-depth phone interview regarding your current diet and schedule. Diet plan will be designed for you to follow, and 4 private online yoga sessions will be scheduled. In addition, 4 more group online yoga classes will be offered during the Lunar Journey. That way, you will participate in at least two yoga sessions a week.

Lunar Diet-Intermittent Fasting

The Moon is celebrated and worshipped by all native cultures. In Vedic Astrology, the Moon governs our mind and emotions. She is a Mother and a Queen. She may bless you with sympathy, receptivity and serenity but she may also make you moody, worried and emotionally unstable.

You can think of this Lunar Intermittent Fasting Program as a prayer to the Moon. We are going to observe each phase of the Moon with a very specific daily food portion. This diet is remarkably clean and all foods are in the mode of goodness or sattva guna.

When performed with the appropriate commitment, this Lunar diet will bless you with calm and clear mind. It will improve your digestion and speed up sluggish metabolism. It will remove toxins from the body and heal all digestive organs. You will gain control over all addictive behaviors and be empowered to change them.

Sattvic lifestyle is all about attaining peace of mind, body and soul through a change of lifestyle. From your eating habits to your thinking process, all aspects of your lifestyle will change if you adopt a Sattvic diet.

By controlling your food intake, you will be able to control your cravings, which will help your control your mind and emotions. Or in other words you will be able to dive deep into meditation practice.

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