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Are you ready to learn how to Restore Your Pelvic Floor and Activate your Core?

Attention All Women!

I Understand That When I Act Now, I Get Lifetime Access which includes:

Core Exercises

7 Days of Progressive Core Exercises

Pelvic Awareness

Educational movement on core stabilization and pelvic awareness

Yoga & Pilates

Yoga and pilates fusion applied as therapy

Breathing Techniques

Important yogic breathing techniques specific to pelvic floor and core

Chakra Meditations

Guided chakra meditations - the first 3 chakras are deeply connected to the pelvic bowl and core

Ayuvedic Meal Plan

7 Days of intermittent fasting with traditional Ayuvedic meal plan

Private Facebook Group

Access to a private Facebook Page to ask questions and connect with like minded women

Pelvic Floor Restoration & Core Activation Program

7 Day Journey including: Fusion of Yoga, Pilates & PT exercises, meditations, 7-day Ayurvedic Meal Plan, access to FB page.
$ 77
Lifetime Access
  • High Quality Video Instruction
  • Pelvic Floor Fundamentals
  • Strengthen your Core
  • Reduce Back Pain
  • Increase Flexibility
  • Lose Weight

Accessible on any device, any time, ad- free.

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Your core is your foundation that will take you to the next level of wellness.

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