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Welcome to your online space for healing movement, yoga practices, breathing exercises and inner exploration and growth. Dive deep inside yourself to find that which has always been there even before your birth. The choice is yours.

experience happiness in your body

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Your body is a sacred temple. Take care of it with love, and enjoy longevity.


Silence, awareness, meditation. Explore the depths of your mind.


Fall in love with your breath! Breath is the vehicle that connects body and mind.

There is no humble way to present yourself online. I can only try to share my heart with you. My name is Vesela and I first got acquainted with the practice of yoga in 2004 in my native country Bulgaria. The spark of passion for yoga was ignited by my mother, and later this passion flared up with all its might and changed my life completely. I would most heartily like to share my journey with each and every one of you.

And why tattwa? Tattwa is a Sanskrit word split into two syllables: tat meaning ‘that’ and twa meaning ‘ness’. Tattwa means “that”, which can be understood as “the essence that creates the sense of existence”. Tattwa is also known as pancha tattwa – the 5 elements that permeate the entire body and mind, micro and macro universe. We chose the name of our venture to be this because our promise is to hold heart space and share the ancient teachings of yoga with humility and dedication, ensuring an ample path to liberate the mind.


We offer yoga, massages, healing movement, and more mindful practices for the mind, body, and spirit.

Yoga Program for Pelvic Floor Restoration & Core Activation

This program is for the most amazing creatures on the planet Earth- The Women. You deserve it!

Empower yourself! You can begin today with our specialized 7-day course that includes:


We offer a variety of yoga styles, everyone is welcome! Hatha and vinyasa yoga for those who wish to move the body through poses, Yoga Nidra for you to relax the mind and immerse yourself in deep healing delta waves, breathing exercises to purify the energy body and calm the emotions, guided meditations to calm of the psyche and special prenatal and postpartum yoga classes for our wonderful mothers!

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