Postpartum Yoga

Postnatal (Postpartum) Yoga

This practice is an ideal form of postpartum exercise as it is gentle and can be adapted to a woman’s changing needs, safe and beneficial even for an absolute beginner. If the mother practices yoga techniques that nourish her, then this only increases her energy and vitality to continue giving back to her child. During the first six weeks or more after childbirth, a woman’s yoga practice should be gentle and nurturing. Pranayama (deep breathing techniques), relaxation and supportive restorative poses will form the core of her practice. There’s no need for mom to rush to the gym or return to her favorite body fit class in an attempt to lose the baby weight. In fact, strength training, if done too early or rigorously, can be counterproductive and contribute to serious injury.. Instead, She can use this opportunity to practice the yogic concept of ahimsa. Ahimsa or non-violence means not only cultivating tenderness towards others but also compassion towards oneself.

Why would you need to practice Postnatal Yoga?

Stabilize and strengthen

Restoring abdominal stability and strength after childbirth, focusing specifically on toning all abdominal muscles, thighs and pelvic floor. Also for full body recovery like strength and endurance.

Neck and shoulder release

Relieving tension in the neck and shoulders and rounding of the upper back (kyphosis) caused by frequent breastfeeding in the first months of motherhood.

Feel yourself again

To move the blood and lymph - Inversions (head down poses) balance the hormonal system as well as tone the uterus; twists - tones and revitalizes the internal organs and the waist.

What are the benefits?

Meet your instructor Vesela

Vesela is a certified yoga instructor, with more than 8 years of experience, over 1000 hours of training and participation in the preparation of yoga teacher trainings. In addition, Vesela has a bachelor’s degree in kinesitherapy and has completed numerous courses in massage and manual therapy.


Frequently asked questions

Yes, it is even recommended, but only with a qualified teacher, because there are postures and movements that should be avoided.

Yes, with a doctor’s permission and only with a qualified teacher. Yoga will help you tighten the deep pelvic muscles.

Yes, only with the permission of a doctor and the help of a qualified teacher.

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