About me

A little more about me, my background and education.

Vesela Mincheva

There is no humble way to present yourself online. I can only try to share my heart with you.

My name is Vesela and I first got acquainted with the practice of yoga in 2004 in my native country Bulgaria. The spark of passion for yoga was ignited by my mother, and later this passion flared up with all its might and changed my life completely.

I would most heartily like to share my journey with each and every one of you.

Why I do what I do?


Together in health - we have always been and will be one. We are stronger when we unite. Happiness is real only when it is shared. I work for a healthier, happier and brighter future for my family and my community.


Love for the people and nature is the basis of my work, and it is my inspiration. You are my inspiration. My clients teach me something new every day, which I am grateful for.

In awe and curiosity

The human organism is an entire universe! It is magical! It is an absolute privilege and a blessing for me to try and connect the threads of the body, mind and soul; and seek balance for health.

My story and bio

I was born and raised in Bulgaria. I was always a curious child, asking big questions, and interested in everything which my senses couldn’t show me. I loved experiencing an altered reality. Consequently, yoga helped me see my way. Today, I continue to search for other realities. I often use meditation and breathing practices to experience an altered state of consciousness.

I learned that the altered state of consciousness and other realities are not my ultimate goal, but only a temporary manifestation. The goal of all yogic practice is “to discover and experience the universal spirit within”.

Eventually, my path took me across the ocean to the Bay Area of ​​California, across the desert in the Colorado Rockies, and back across the ocean to the Hawaiian Islands. Hawaii taught me a lot. There, I earned my Bachelor’s degree, took many professional courses, cleansed my body and mind, and became a wife and mother. The time has come for me to return to my homeland and continue the path of my roots. Today, you can find me in my hometown Plovdiv.


My work