Ayurvedic therapies

The name Ayurveda is composed of two words. Ayu meaning life and Veda meaning knowledge, science. Ayurveda is the knowledge of life.

Ayurveda is a holistic health system dealing with prevention and treatment, that was created in India thousands of years ago as part of the ancient Indian Vedic teachings.

In Abyanga therapy, warm and natural oils are used on the body, with gentle and steady massage movements and techniques which are very different from those of the classical massage. Research shows, that abyanga has a long-lasting effect on the whole body, restoring the physical and mental strength of the mind and body.
Abyanga is recommended at least once per week for the length of one month. Every day is ok too.

Duration 75 min./ Price BGN 85
Package of 4 therapies BGN 310

Shirodara is a wonderful deep relaxation process where the scalp, forehead and third eye area are gently massaged with a thin stream of warm oil.
The third eye is the center of our emotions, sensations and mind – this is where consciousness meets the unconscious. This is where stress, anxiety and tension gather and take hold.
Shirodara is recommended with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 7 treatments within 1 week.

Duration 60 minutes / Price BGN 85 (therapy BGN 55 + BGN 30 for high-class sesame oil.)
Package of 3 therapies for BGN 150+BGN 30=BGN 180

In ancient times, known as the Royal Treatment, these two Abhyanga&Shirodara treatments combined together offer a warm full body oil massage for relaxation and grounding, ending with a nourishing scalp treatment to relieve stress and anxiety. It balances all doshas and has a long-lasting soothing effect.

Duration 110 minutes/Price BGN 160


Total Relax

Deeply balancing effect on the brain while stimulating the nervous system and improving memory function.

Better eyesight

Improves the function of the central nervous system and can be used to treat eye diseases.


Promotes the release of toxins from deep tissues and the gastrointestinal tract so they can be effectively eliminated.


Frequently asked questions

These therapies are not recommended during pregnancy and menstruation. Also for oncological diseases, thrombosis or embolism, and other recent traumas, operations or infectious diseases.

It is best to eat lightly on the day of the therapy. Avoid alcohol, coffee and other stimulating substances 2-3 hours before the therapy.

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