Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is perhaps the largest and oldest branch of yoga. It consists of asana (postures), shatkarmas (body purification), mudra (hand gestures), bandha (energy locks), pranayama (breath control), various meditation practices and many other topics. First of all, asanas are mentioned as the first part of hatha yoga. After the performance of asanas, one gains stability of body and mind, freedom from diseases and ease in limbs. Hatha yoga can also be practiced with the intention of spiritual development.

Why would you need to practice Hatha Yoga?


Feel lightness and freedom in your body

Peace of mind

Relax and enjoy the inner silence

Personal Growth

Calm Mind is productive

What are the benefits?

Meet your instructor Vesela

Vesela is a certified yoga instructor, with more than 8 years of experience, over 1000 hours of training and participation in the preparation of yoga teacher trainings. In addition, Vesela has a bachelor’s degree in kinesitherapy and has completed numerous courses in massage and manual therapy.


Frequently asked questions

Yes, absolutely for everyone. Your instructor will make the necessary modifications to the practice to suit your needs.

Hatha and vinyasa yoga involve many of the same poses. The main difference is the pace of the classes. Hatha yoga is practiced at a slower pace, with an emphasis on breathing, controlled movements and stretching. Vinyasa yoga focuses on connecting your breath with your movements, which tend to be set at a faster pace. In vinyasa practice, you can expect to stay in a constant flow of movement.

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