Pelvic Floor and Core Program

This program is for the most amazing creatures on planet earth – The Women. You deserve it! Start the change today with this specialized 7-day course that includes:

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What does the course consist of?

Each day will consist of approximately 25 minutes of practice that will gradually become more challenging as you build your strength and stability. This practice will be a mixture of yoga, pilates and physical therapy. You will learn specific therapeutic movements and exercises to safely reconnect with your deep abdominal muscles, strengthen your core, and stabilize your pelvis and spine.

You will learn some basic yoga poses and important yogic breathing techniques that are specific to the pelvic floor and abdomen.

This program can help tremendously with sciatic nerve pain and sacroiliac instability, recovery from diastasis recti or abdominal separation, c-section, pelvic floor prolapse and much more.

I’d love for you to really dive deep into this journey, so I’m also including 3 audio chakra meditations. We will work with the first 3 chakras – all deeply connected to our pelvic bowl and core.

Who is this course suitable for?

Get in shape!

I want to lose weight and tighten my belly

Postnatal care

I want to recover quickly after giving birth

Release stress

I want mental peace

Tighten your core and pelvic floor

Say “goodbye” to lower back pain, tired legs, sneezing and peeing. Feel confident and blissful!

Improved flexibility, stamina and energy

You will be able to jump, squat, run and dance without pain.


Frequently Asked Questions

Every day, or whenever you find time. You won’t hurt yourself

The program is designed so that each day the course becomes a little more challenging. Day 1 is the easiest, while day 7 is the hardest. If you feel that your body is not ready, just repeat the exercises from the easier day for you.

Strengthen your core and pelvic floor program

Tighten your abdomen
Create a deeper connection with the core of your body
Strengthens the pelvic floor
Get in touch with yourself
Get rid of extra kilos

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