Lunar Diet

You can practice this Lunar Fasting Program as a prayer to the Moon. Each phase of the Moon will be associated with a specific type of daily portion of food. This diet is extremely clean and the food is in sattva mode (goodness mode).

The Moon is celebrated and worshiped by all native cultures. In Vedic Astrology, the Moon governs our mind and emotions. She is a Mother and a Queen. She may bless you with sympathy, receptivity and serenity but she may also make you moody, worried and emotionally unstable. You can think of this Lunar Intermittent Fasting Program as a prayer to the Moon. We are going to observe each phase of the Moon with a very specific daily food portion. This diet is remarkably clean and all foods are in the mode of goodness or sattva guna. When performed with the appropriate commitment, this Lunar diet will bless you with calm and clear mind. It will improve your digestion and speed up sluggish metabolism. It will remove toxins from the body and heal all digestive organs. You will gain control over all addictive behaviors and be empowered to change them. Sattvic lifestyle is all about attaining peace of mind, body and soul through a change of lifestyle. From your eating habits to your thinking process, all aspects of your lifestyle will change if you adopt a Sattvic diet.By controlling your food intake, you will be able to control your cravings, which will help your control your mind and emotions. Or in other words you will be able to dive deep into meditation practice.


Reduction to disappearance of body pains

As toxins are removed from the body, inflammation decreases and with it pain.

A bright mind

When our digestive system rests, the mind finds peace.

Weight loss

Partial conscious fasting leads undoubtedly to weight loss.


Frequently asked questions

Only if your doctor lets you. It is desirable to take as few drugs and supplements as possible during the diet.

I use Sundari Dasi’s (Ayurvedic expert and chef) book called Food for the soul~. Diet of a Yogi. You can order it on Amazon or in digital format.

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